At Get Ahead, our main focus is our students’ success. Our team strives to work to maximize our students’ potentials and deliver results. Not only are our instructors knowledgeable in math and coding but they are passionate about it too! We aim to simplify Math and breakdown Code so it’s easy to understand. The environment of our learning center is fun and interactive. When possible, we try and move away from paper and pencil and use visual hands on tools so students can expand their minds and apply their knowledge in more ways than one.

Get Ahead Learning Center

Rebecca Dziubla, Center Director


Rebecca graduated from Northern Illinois University with her Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics Education in 2017. Currently, she works as a math aide at Lake Park High School and has been tutoring students since 2016. Rebecca loves helping students understand the logic behind the math so that they learn how to reason through more difficult applications. Those “lightbulb moments” make teaching worth while.
Her favorite subject to teach is precalculus, especially when it involves trigonometry! Rebecca also enjoys reading, crafting, and cooking/baking. While in school, Rebecca was a year-round swimmer. This led to her eventually competing in sprint triathlons while at NIU.
Fun fact: Rebecca’s favorite animal is a penguin!