Our Story

Founded by passionate people who saw the need for effective tutoring, our center first opened its doors in 2014. We started off as a local tutoring center that offered families a space to bring their children to enhance their math skills, get homework help, or  work with a tutor to ensure understanding of the current math topics learned in school. Our aim was to provide a safe, friendly, comfortable, and welcoming space for our students to realize their math potential.
Unfortunately, the current pandemic has left us no choice but to close our doors. Our primary concern is always the health and safety of our students, staff, and their families. We were heartbroken because we knew that if there was any time that our services were needed, it was this.  The difficult situation in which all of our students and their families found themselves in due to school-closings and social distancing led us to revolutionize our approach. We are now a virtual tutoring center!  Our incredibly personal and interactive tutoring services are not limited to local students but to students and families that need us all over the United States. We are happy to be here to listen, to instruct, and to deliver results to you and your families.
At Get Ahead, our main focus is our students’ success. Our team strives to work to reach our students’ potentials and deliver results. Not only are our instructors knowledgeable in Math and Reading but they are passionate about it too which means they will do their best to ensure their students are successful. We aim to simplify Math and Reading, so it’s easy to understand.
We are here for you and look forward to meeting you, virtually!