Our unique individualized curriculum allows each of our students to work on the skills that are lacking.
This means no repetitive work that causes frustration and stress.  

Step 1: Detailed Assessment

During this step, we take the time to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses. While the student is taking the assessment, an instructor is near to guide through any problems in understanding the questions. The instructor is also able to provide verbal follow up questions to determine the student’s true understanding of the skill.

Step 2: Customized Curriculum

Upon reviewing the assessment and reviewing feedback from the instructor, we build a customized curriculum for the student. This curriculum is shared with the parent and the student, ensuring everyone is in the loop. The curriculum is also modified as the student reaches milestones and completes worksheets with understanding and application.

Step 3: Instruction for Understanding

During the sessions, instructors work with the student to ensure the student understands the math concepts and is able to apply them with the help of the worksheets provided. Sessions include direct instruction as well as an opportunity to work independently. All practice and testing is completed at the center without work to take home.