Frequently Asked Questions

Get Ahead Overview

Does Get Ahead Really Work?

Take a look at our reviews online or speak to parents who have used our services. Simply stop in at our centers and you will see what Get Ahead is all about! Your child will feel more confident about his or her abilities after only a few sessions with us.

Can I Make Up Missed Sessions?

Yes! We understand – life happens. Missed sessions may be rescheduled as needed and used during the month of membership.

Who are the tutors?

Our hiring process ensures that your child is learning from a passionate instructor! Each of our applicants is tested on not only knowledge base but also the ability to effectively engage students in the appropriate subjects. 

How Long Is a Typical Session?

Math sessions run 60 minutes while Reading sessions run 30 minutes. 

Will My Child Receive Homework?

At Get Ahead, we believe all work should be completed and checked with the instructor during the student’s sessions. This has 2 major benefits:

  1. Parents do not need to worry about working on extra homework at home with the student – we know how busy you are!
  2. All work is checked immediately as pages are completed so students know they have done the work correctly and feel confident when they leave each session!

Math Program

Does My Child Really Need Math Support?

Decide for yourself by checking your child’s math skills here!

And if your child is doing well in Math at school, Get Ahead provides a challenge with our Get Ahead Plus Program!

Who are the Math instructors?

Our rigorous hiring process ensures that your child is learning from an expert! All of our instructors also go through a background check for the safety of our students. Each of our applicants is tested on Math Skills and is then run through a session with a student to ensure they not only know Math but can also instruct students effectively.

How Many Sessions Does My Student Need to Attend Each Week?

For maximum effectiveness, students should attend Math sessions 2 times per week.

How Long Is a Typical Math Session?

Each session runs 1 hour long and includes two parts: knowledge and application. After the student has completed their session, they can play a math game with another student!

Reading Program

Does My Child Need the Reading Program?

Does your child struggle in school with reading?

Does your child struggle with word problems in math?

Does your child have a hard time with spelling?

If your answered YES to any of these questions, your child needs reading support. Contact us for a free trial today.

What materials will my child need during the Reading Sessions?

Our sessions are virtual so your child will need a working device with internet connection and access to Zoom. They may also need a pencil and paper.

What will my Child learn in the Reading Program?

Our Reading Program consists of:

  • Reading Support
  • Spelling Help
  • Homework Help
  • Enrichment

Who are the Reading Program Instructors?

Each of our instructors is friendly, passionate and eager to inspire the love of reading in our students! During our hiring process, our applicants are tested on not only knowledge base but also their ability to successfully engage our students during sessions.


How Long is a Reading Session?

Each reading session runs 30 minutes. Please have your child log on a few minutes early to the Zoom session.