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What is Get Ahead?

At Get Ahead, we teach Math & Coding in a simplified way that makes sense to students. Our friendly and knowledgeable instructors are passionate about Math. With the help of our math assessments, our instructors are able to identify the strengths and weakness of each of our students. This allows us to create a customized curriculum and conquer our students’ fear of math.

Homework Help

Along with working on the specifics of students math skills, we help alleviate the stress of math homework. Our instructors help students understand and complete daily school homework so you, as a parent, don’t have to!

We look forward to working with you and helping your student build a passion for Math.

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How It Works


Detailed Assessment

During this step, we take the time to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses. While the student is taking the assessment, an instructor is near to guide through any problems in understanding the questions


Customized Curriculum

Upon reviewing the assessment and reviewing feedback from the instructor, we build a customized curriculum for the student. This curriculum is shared with the parent and the student, ensuring everyone is in the loop.


Instruct For Understanding

During the sessions, instructors work with the student to ensure the student understands the math concepts and is able to apply them with the help of the worksheets provided.

The Get Ahead Difference


Sessions Per Week

Session Duration



Student to Teacher Ratio

Online Progress Tracking

Homework Assignment

Meeting with Parents


Days Open/Week


Math & Coding


60 mins

Proprietary learning curriculum
The Get Ahead Method
Homework Help

In center learning with instructors

3-4 per instructor

5 Days/Week


per month/per subject

Math & Reading

Twice per week

30 mins

Proprietary learning curriculum

Homework and

worksheet based system

Self paced, independent instructions

Assigned homework

Classroom based

2 Days/Week


per month/per subject

Math & English

Once per week

50 mins

Proprietary learning curriculum

Homework and

worksheet based system

Self paced, independent instructions

Assigned homework

Level based progression

Classroom based

3 Days/Week


per month/per subject

Math Only

Twice per week

60 mins

Proprietary learning curriculum

In center instructions with tutors

5 per tutor

5 Days/Week


per month

I was reluctant to believe the system but after trying it out for only a few sessions, I have seen great improvement in my daughter's attitude. She refused to do her math homework and ‘didn’t care’ anymore. She now feels this is a problem she can solve and wants to get her grade up!


Because they cater the worksheets to each student, my son felt he liked this program better than his previous experience at Kumon. He doesn’t have more homework which we both LOVE and he doesn’t have to keep working on problems he already feels he knows.

Angela C.

My three children attend for summer sessions. This helps them immensely with their confidence in math and I feel glad knowing they are utilizing their summer hours to the fullest. With an hour a day, a few times a week - all of us feel satisfied with the results!

Paula F.

My daughter hated her math teacher and her math class. After trying different tutors, we finally made a decision to try Get Ahead. It was the best decision. My daughter was able to make a friend at the center and actually enjoys attending.

Jackie D.

The instructors are what make this place a pleasure. There is a mix of younger instructors and veteran which makes my two children want to attend - they feel they can connect better with someone closer in age. Overall, a pleasant experience.

Tony Rambuza

A relatively cheaper option than other tutoring centers but nothing less than effective. The learning environment is great and my daughter doesn’t feel like the only one who is not doing well in her math class.

Allison Peterson

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